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Let pregnancy "works" for you

Wedding dress, wedding shoes should be comfortable for you. It might be better to abandon the corset and choose a dress with a high waist. High heel shoes can be worn only for a photo shoot, and then replace them with more comfortable shoes.More Info Available Here Pregnancy Miracle Scam
Wedding during pregnancy is not now generally prohibited, but rather encouraged. So the church can bless not only the family but also has a baby in her. Before you start organizing the entire wedding party is best to consult first your church.

Forget about complex pregnant bride. Pregnant bride - today is not just decoration wedding ordinary people, but the biggest stars of show business, cinema.

Let pregnancy "works" for you. Do you have a great reason to move away from the wedding events that you never liked or invite fewer guests, but nice to your heart? May even be reduced mural ceremony in the registry office.

Prepare yourself for a holiday destination where you could sit or even lie down.

If the celebration at the restaurant, you can remove it at the time and a separate room for a couple. If the wedding is out of town, on the nature, mix plaid folding chair and a basket of food, drink will be removed from time to time.My Official Pages Click http://www.thepregnancymiraclereviewscam.com/about-us/

 Holiday guests at the wedding - not for pregnant moms. Toastmasters, spouse or relative of an active can become the best substitute for even the most active and creative bride.

Pregnancy and narrow pelvis

Pregnancy and narrow pelvis - Complexity clinically narrow pelvis depends not only on the expectant mother, but also the size of the baby's head. The size may be influenced by several factors:
Author of Pregnancy Miracle Lisa Olsan

•    Nutrition expectant mother: food should be rational, not excessive; in the last month, you may want to reduce the amount of consumption of dairy products to reduce the level of calcium, bone hardening level - check with your doctor; overweight can also exacerbate the difference between the size of the pelvis and the head of the child;

•    Genetics;

•    Feature metabolism pregnant - Eat rationally, maintain adequate exercise; with severe metabolic additional follow your doctor's recommendations;

•    Stress during pregnancy - learn to relax, sign up for yoga for pregnant women; help dispel fears courses for pregnant women;
Pregnancy - more than 41 weeks - Also recommended is sure to work on the elasticity of the perineal muscles and their training. This will help Kegel exercises,
 regular sex during pregnancy. During pregnancy (often already at the first visit, the registration) determine the size of the pelvis using an instrument. This device looks like a large compass.
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With a measured and calculated proportions estimated size ring pelvic bone. Significant role in the diagnosis of "narrow pelvis" will have an ultrasound. By 7 month narrowing the pelvis can cause elevation of the uterus up and shortness of breath or bulging tummy out (spiky belly). This occurs when the child's inability to lower the head down to the bottom of the pelvis.

Lisa Olsen-Worth spending a light massage for pregnant woman

Support comfort position (sleep better on the left side; trying to keep his feet on the dais while lying and sitting, do not cross them, it is not recommended to stand or sit for a long time, in order to avoid the accumulation of fluid in the lower part of the body (you can use a circular motion feet to relieve tension better go));Check My Reviews About Pregnancy Miracle Review

 Worth spending a light massage (alone or with the help of someone, stroking movements can move from the bottom up on the legs from the knee to the thigh, from the tibia to the knee and you can use grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, soybean);

Use and easy exercises (walking quiet, small lifting legs up in a reclining position; slow charge for stop (pull sock on himself, then on my own, after describe circles in the air), good walking on the sand, beans, pebbles, etc. ; useful like the pool when not contraindicated);

Relax sufficiently (try to lie down at lunchtime or at the end of the day on the left side or back at 45 degrees, with raised legs);
Pick up comfortable shoes and clothing (do not wear tight shoes and high heels, narrow, constricting clothes obstructs blood flow, including socks, squeezing on their ankles should avoid wearing jewelry, preventing blood flow);Other Info Available http://www.thepregnancymiraclereviewscam.com/lisa-olsen/

It is better to avoid the adverse effects of external (not to leave the heat in the summer, especially in the afternoon).

Monday, 30 June 2014

The positive side of pregnancy-Lisa Olsen

Lies bend your legs, knees wider than your shoulders. Put your hands to the sides. Shoulders slump making breath. On the exhale, drop the knees to the floor, thus rotate the pelvis making breath again.

Raise your knees as you exhale. Perform 15 times.  Exercises constipation can be the first solution before using medical method of stimulation of the intestine. Their effectiveness has seen many. Prevention of constipation as these exercises suit no less.

The positive side of pregnancy - Despite various difficulties, pregnancy - is the perfect time. Proof of this is a set of positive, enjoyable aspects, even at 3am have the right to ask her husband to bring ice cream with strawberries. Many surrounding smiling, looking at pregnant belly.

 Husband can often cling to the tummy to hear the baby. You can attend courses for pregnant women who give not only a wealth of useful information, but also give the opportunity to meet new people (professionals and future colleagues, moms). At work, seeing a little tired, the boss can let go early.

Your breasts are getting bigger - it cannot please your man. There is an opportunity to experience the amazing sensations and perturbations of this strange baby hiccups.
You can come up with the name of the child, while having more rights to upholding their version (because we carry the child, women).Get Entertainment News http://www.thepregnancymiraclereviewscam.com/about-us/

Lisa Olsen-The whole period of pregnancy

Throughout the whole period of pregnancy, especially in the beginning, a woman often feels the need to drink fluids. Drinking any liquid to 6-8 glasses per day is considered normal, because the liquid needed by the body and the unborn child. Many Sources Here Pregnancy Miracle

Often pregnant women do not drink coffee, because it contains caffeine. But do not forget that caffeine is also in tea, and chocolate, and cocoa.

If caffeine cannot do, you should not exceed the dose. A cup of coffee contains around 100 mg of caffeine. Dose of 300 mg of caffeine is considered harmful to the body of a pregnant woman, as increases the risk of miscarriage or low weight gain in children, coffee itself increases the amount of urine and pregnancy and has frequent urination.

I want to pay special attention to the content in the expectant mothers iron and calcium. Every day in the mother's blood and blood unborn child increases the number of red blood cells, so the body needs iron every day and not less than 30 mg. When blood erythrocytes and produce little more than plasma hemoglobin decreases, which causes anemia pregnant. To replenish iron stores requires food in which it is contained.
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It's a bird, fish, red meat, cereals (especially if cooking them in a cast iron pot), or whole-grain bread. When consumed a lot of iron, it provokes the risk of constipation, so you need to increase physical activity, drink plenty of fluids, or tissue preparations, softening stools, but not laxatives.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pregnancy Miracle-Breathing exercises for pregnant woman

Full Breath - Before starting the exercise, take a full breath. Then slowly inhale, lifting the abdominal wall (tummy). Hold your breath at the end of inspiration, and exhale slowly through your mouth, first dropping the chest and then the ribs.

Full breath need to relax between contractions. This exercise may cause dizziness, therefore making it better lying down and no more than 3-4 times in a row.

How to use breathing exercises during labor - The first periodat the end of this period, the child's head, moving into the birth canal, begins to put pressure on the rectum, and my mother a desire to push. But the head has not yet finished its way to the exit, so you cannot do that yet.

As you approach a woman in labor contractions feel the growing tension of the uterus. At this time, to breathe deeply, making full breaths (full breath).

Real started (the expectant mother feels the pain and stress of the uterus). Now we must surface to breathe (respiratory rate should be half less usual).

 With the increased rate of breathing increases contractions: Breathe rhythmically and thrills, about two times more often than usual. Try to keep your mouth open and breathing force correlate with power struggles.
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When the battle reaches its height, take 4 breaths, and then exhale quietly (breathing delayed). With the end of the fight, take a full breath (stomach and chest), exhale slowly to the end, straining belly (full breath).Between contractions, you need to relax and breathe normally.

Lisa Olsen-Shallow breathing should not be messy

Shallow breathing should not be messy, keep the same rhythm: inhale and exhale for 2 seconds. This exercise is easier to do with your eyes closed. Shallow breathing helps with strong contractions during opening of the cervix because it is not involved diaphragm (the first stage of labor).
 During labor, it is important that the diaphragm - the muscle divisive chest and abdominal cavity, which stiffens and falls during inspiration - not pressing on the uterus. Therefore, the easier it will be your breath, the lower diaphragm descends, as required at this point.

Interrupted respiration - Crack opens your mouth, stick out your tongue, inhale and exhale loudly (like a dog),respiratory rate should be speeded up: do one breaths per secondduring training try to breathe thereby initially 30 seconds, then 45, 60 and later.

Shortness of breath will be useful at the end of the first stage of labor, when a woman has a desire to make an effort, but it is impossible to do this as long as the baby's head will not fall, and at the end of the second period, when she was born.Lisa Olsan News Blogs Pregnancy Miracle Review

Abdominal breathing - Put one hand on his stomach, the other - on the chest. Before starting the exercise, take a full breath. Then inhale through the nose, lifting the abdominal wall (i.e., inflating the abdomen). Hand lying on his stomach, has to move, and the other (chest) remain almost stationary.

 Then exhale slowly through your mouth, gradually lowering the abdominal wall (to the end of exhalation should it return to its original position).This exercise will help you to perform the following type of respiratory cycle.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Pregnancy and dentistry-Lisa Olsen

All items can be purchased. But the feeling you want to create for yourself. Remember that now they do not belong only to you but also for your child. Enjoy your feelings and emotions!
Pregnancy and dentistry - The fact that during pregnancy cannot deal with dental treatment, experts have long refuted as a myth. So, now treat your teeth during pregnancy can and should be! However, as in any other field, there are limitations and contraindications.
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If a woman before pregnancy was installed braces, then remove them from the onset of pregnancy is not necessary. Whether to install the bracket system during pregnancy - this woman should consult your orthodontist to and watching her pregnancy doctor.

Teeth whitening procedure during pregnancy should not produce. This also applies to teeth whitening and professional whitening ZOOM, laser whitening teeth whitening and other traditional methods are not contraindicated, but we should weigh the pros and cons, available with active substances and their effects on pregnancy and the fetus.

Surgical implantation is contraindicated during pregnancy because of reduced immunity, and thus the likelihood of complications survival of implants. Also, after installing the implants may need to take anti-infective (antibiotics) or analgesics (painkillers), which may adversely affect the development of the unborn child.
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Not recommended for expectant mothers and procedure fluoridation of teeth, so that the cycle in which a woman is planning to visit the dentist for the purpose of fluoridation should refrain from possible conception.

For some pregnant women taking vitamins may be complicated

Unfortunately, for some pregnant women taking vitamins may be complicated by the negative reaction of the stomach, especially in the first trimester. And iron supplements can trigger constipation. Then on the first place there is a rational nutrition, rich in vitamins and minerals.

Moisturizing creams stretch marks - Your skin will be more than ever, require nutrition and hydration, especially in the last months of pregnancy. Without these creams cannot do if you want to maintain the beauty of your skin.Visit my Blog http://www.thepregnancymiraclereviewscam.com/
Funds from the toxicity and advice on how to prevent it - They will need in the first trimester,ginger, mint, citrus aroma oils, etc.

Comfortable outerwear - Last few months for the cold season, you definitely need to think about outerwear. It should be able to grow with your growing tummy. There outerwear with an elastic band behind the buttons on the sides with pull-down inserts. Be careful when choosing. These clothes are not necessarily looking at expensive stores for pregnant women.

 Look her in ordinary clothing stores, online stores, catalogs. Models can be just such a designer conceived without tagging "for pregnant women."

Comfortable home with Adaptive pants belt. They should not be worn all the time, but they will help you in moments of fatigue, give a feeling of comfort throughout pregnancy.

Stylish jeans for pregnant women - Free Pregnancy Miracle Review Report

They should not be baggy. You should expand only the part that is on the tummy. It should comfortably seat, supporting you. Some expectant mothers-craftswomen manage to expand their usual favorite jeans.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Chloasma or the mask of pregnancy-Lisa Olsen

Chloasma or the mask of pregnancy - Hormonal changes during pregnancy, and to a greater extent the effect of estrogen, can cause quite visible effectsappears mask of pregnancy or chloasma. Tanning in the sun only increases the likelihood of this manifestation. Usually dark spots appear on the nose or forehead. After pregnancy chloasma usually retreats, but there are exceptions.
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Artificial tanning - Tanning is still under question for pregnant women. Solarium, tanning use a relatively short period, was carried out much research. Therefore guaranteed to give opinions professionals today but many practitioners, gynecologists and other specialists still recommend avoiding them.

Creams, lotions for tanning are often used by modern women, not only in winter but also in summer. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the active component of the products. It is easily absorbed into the skin, and by the time it crosses the placenta to the baby in the womb. Volume effects dihydroxyacetone (DHA) will depend on the frequency and extent of its application, the presence of wound surfaces, abrasions on the skin of an expectant mother.

Furthermore, on top of these creams and lotions are not able to protect against UV rays, you usually need to put more and sunscreens.
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Solarium does not entail a risk of overheating, as the natural sun. But all the other risks of sun exposure cannot be removed, including skin problems, skin cancers. And do not forget that stimulates tan skin aging by increasing the speed of this process.

Lisa Olsen-Easy and Enjoyable Pregnancy You!

Recommendations for pregnant woman are as follows:-
·         Walk more and get plenty of rest. Relax you - resting your pipsqueak.
·         Tackle yoga or others close to you as, physical exercise. Remember to engage during pregnancy is possible and even necessary.More Info Available Here Pregnancy Miracle Scam

·         Take care of yourself. Smiling and laughing not only decorate, prolong life, but also have a beneficial effect on your emotional state and the state of your baby.
·         Eat right.
·         Listen to music that gives you that feeling of happiness.

Dr. Lisa Olsonsays that any food has one or more basic taste sensations: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. The main rule is to be followed regardless of whether you are pregnant or not, is to have in your diet every day been presented to all six "clean" taste sensations.

Tan for pregnant woman - Stereotype that tan - is an indicator of health and beauty still makes us "grilling" in the sun. Physicians have all the sources insist that our love to tan very wrong,after tanning can cause not only sunburn, but also skin cancer but pregnancy is not even causes some women to refuse tanning. But sunbathing during pregnancy is dangerous! Sunbathing can lead to real changes in the expectant mother and child.
Temperature rise - When exposed to the sun on the body of a pregnant body temperature may rise. Next there is the risk of increasing the temperature of the child in the womb. Higher temperatures for a long time and at a sufficiently high level can cause damage to fetal brain.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Do future mother needs to be hospitalized

Do future mother needs to be hospitalized? This solves the doctor. The need for hospital treatment depends on how pronounced signs of threatened abortion, the opportunity to observe the so-called mommy protective regime (many lie, relax, eliminate homework).

If one or more symptoms of the threat you feel at home as soon as possible is important to contact your doctor and follow his advice!

In the hospital or at home - The most important thing in the treatment of threats - a relaxed lifestyle. Typically, the doctor prescribes bed rest and "sexual rest." It is clear that the future mother at any stage of life and worries about the health of your baby, so it is very important to remain calm. Help to cope with this difficult task are called sedatives - Valerian tincture or motherwort. Treatment depends on its threats and causes of pregnancy.

In the first trimester most commonly prescribed hormonal drugs, substances that suppress the production of antibodies in rhesus conflict and blood group incompatibility and medicines required for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the mother.

In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy is permitted the use of antispasmodics to relax uterine muscles.
Author of Pregnancy Miracle Lisa Olsan

As a rule, they are administered droplets, but taking certain medications in pill form. In addition, the presence of bleeding doctor prescribes funds. With timely treatment in a medical facility in most cases pregnancy and successfully retain the light appears healthy baby.

Lisa Olsen-The most dangerous periods of pregnancy

Critical days - The most dangerous periods of pregnancy is considered every fourth week - days when menstruation could occur if you are not expecting a baby. At this time, it is important to observe the peace, refrain from traveling and flights to lead a regular life, and more rest.

If you have had miscarriages or premature birth, this time it is best to "lie" the period for which the interrupt occurred in hospital: so you protect yourself and your baby.

How to diagnose a threat interrupts? At any stage of pregnancy you should alert pulling and aching pain in the abdomen or in the sacrum.

They may have a cramping in nature, and may be continuous. Have you noticed brown or bloody discharge from the vagina? Urgently to the doctor! This may be a signal starting abortion - detachment of the ovum or placenta, and amniotic fluid leakage - in case allocation too thin and watery, if timely measures taken pregnancy often cannot save.

The so-called uterine hypertonus - its periodic or permanent "petrification" needs examination, especially if it happens to 30-32 weeks of pregnancy. After this period, the voltage of the uterus may be normal, if not accompanied by pain.
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This so-called training bout, or Braxton Hicks contractions. Hypertonicity may not be sensitive to women, and only diagnosed by ultrasound. This indicates increased uterine irritability. Still, after she strained even in response to ultrasonic radiation!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Visiting a professional yoga classes in the days of pregnancy

Visiting a professional yoga classes, every pregnant woman receives is specially adapted set of exercises but if you decide to do yoga by yourself, consider what is permitted and what is prohibited in yoga for pregnant women.
Yoga for pregnant women - To facilitate the birth of a child good yoga postures such as Warrior II, Triangle, dove baddha Konasana, Half Moon Pose etc. These postures will increase flexibility.
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All asanas on the side stretching provide comfort when enlarged abdomen in late pregnancy.

Cat pose (cow) is especially useful in the later stages of gestation. This asana improves the elasticity of the spinal muscles and help the child to take the optimal position for birth (head down).

Vertical posture good at larger tummy - Feet should be placed at least the width of the hips, especially if will lean forward. Of stable vertical position can perform posture sun (sun salutation).

Yoga for pregnant women - This section requires special attention. Transitions-jumping should be excluded in early pregnancy. Otherwise there is the risk of moving a fertilized egg from the uterus.

Shortness of breath, hold it cannot be used during pregnancy. Better go to the special breathing techniques perinatal yoga, which will surely come in handy in childbirth.

You should not increase the burden to improve stretch marks. Pregnancy stimulates the production of the hormone relaxin. It allows you to soften the ligaments, bones, to ease the way the baby during birth.

Lisa Olsen-Pregnancy 45-49 years

Pregnancy 45-49 years - In this age of only 0.03% of women gives birth to children. Infertility treatment in this age practically ineffective; it is often used donor eggs. Planning for a child at this age must necessarily include a thorough diagnosis. It is important to pass the examination of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, and research on diabetes.Free Lisa Olsen Report About Pregnancy Miracle
 Even in good physical shape will not eliminate the difficulties of pregnancy and childbirth. Increased load on the heart, the impact of excess weight on the joints and muscles affect health.

Risks for the child - 50% of pregnancies in this age end in miscarriage before 20 weeks. In the last weeks of pregnancy, it is important to do ultrasound, stress tests, which will control the risk of stillbirth. This risk is increased 2-fold compared with twenty future moms. Risks of Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities increases even more:

•    In 45 years, the risk of Down syndrome - one of the 30 chromosome abnormalities - 1 of 21;

•    49 years, the risk of Down syndrome - 1 out of 11, chromosomal anomalies - 1 of 8.

Psychological background - Overshadow the emotional background of pregnancy may worry about the health of the child, about their health. Taking care of you is important. Yet the success of such a pregnancy has enough examples.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Treatment and recovery after laparoscopy ectopic pregnancy

Treatment and recovery after laparoscopy ectopic pregnancy - Treatment after an ectopic pregnancy should be comprehensive. As for the postoperative period during laparoscopy, it is close to 5-7 days. Literally on the seventh day after surgery, doctors remove stitches. During the first two weeks after laparoscopy recommended treating the wound with iodine and take a shower only. One to two weeks, doctor’s advice sticking sparing diet, and to put it simply: Do not load the stomach with food greasy, spicy, and spicy.
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Sex after laparoscopy is allowed only after menstrual cycle, i.e. when the first period would end, which began in the postoperative period.Laparoscopy after ectopic pregnancy can be planned after 3-4 months, assuming no contraindications to this from the attending physician.

However, in some cases, pregnancy can occur after surgery in 1-2 months. Anyway, a consultation and medical observation for a woman who suffered a laparoscopy are required.

Conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy without surgery (medication) - In modern medicine, there is also a conservative, that is, treatment of ectopic pregnancy without surgery. For this purpose, use drugs that prevent cell division of the ovum and stop its development until resorption.

And maybe it's only in respect of undisturbed pregnancy outside the uterus, detected by a 3-week period, that is, it is imperative progression of ectopic pregnancy and its earliest possible time. However, the use of conservative therapy is highly controversial because of the high toxicity of these drugs.

Laparoscopy ectopic pregnancy and its features

Tubectomia - is the surgical removal of the tube in ectopic pregnancy. The operation is performed when it is impossible to keep the fallopian tube, and it is completely removed together with an ectopic pregnancymost often Tubectomia resort in case of repeated pregnancy outside the uterus. In urgent cases, and possible removal of the ovary, when there is a need to save a woman's life, as time goes on second.
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Laparoscopy - this method of treatment of ectopic considered relatively lenient because avoids abdominal incisions and save the fallopian tube (instead of making a puncture incision). Among other things laparoscopy ectopic pregnancy is currently the most authentic and reliable method of diagnosis.

Laparoscopy ectopic pregnancy and its features - Diagnostic laparoscopy is difficult to overestimate the benefits, because the inspection using a laparoscope allows visually assess the condition of the fallopian tubes, uterus, the presence of blood in the abdominal cavity and its amount.

In addition to accurate and rapid diagnosis laparoscopy allows us to apply the most gentle, optimal women's health surgical tactics.
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In the old days the only way to cure was to remove the tube in ectopic pregnancy with fetal egg. If you remove the second woman's fallopian tubes permanently deprived of the opportunity to get pregnant on their own. Today, the possibilities of laparoscopy (miniature work tools, optical zoom), in many cases you can save the fallopian tube and increase the chances of conceiving a favorable future.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Elevated leukocytes in urine during pregnancy

Elevated leukocytes in urine during pregnancy - In urine leukocytes during pregnancy should not be too elevated. Figures fluctuate within 0-3 units.

If the doctor determines elevated leukocytes in urine during pregnancy, it may come across him on suspicion of the presence of inflammation or existing infections. Most often it is a pyelonephritis and cystitis, which so often suffer pregnant. But do not be afraid, it's not dangerous.
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The main thing that elevated white blood cells in urine during pregnancy were found in time, allowing you to start early treatmentwill be held no more than 10 days, as everything returns to normaland more. Do not forget that before you collect urine, should be thoroughly washed away, because the lack of personal hygiene can affect the results.

Elevated blood leukocytes during pregnancy - When the child-bearing leukocytes in the blood fluctuate within 4-9 units,when the figures are higher, there is reason to be checked for the presence of bacteria and viruses, inflammation, in rare cases - internal bleeding.

Anyway doctor shall promptly ascertain the reasons for the "bad" analyzes, for this mom to be further examination. Elevated white blood cells in the blood during pregnancy may be a precipitating factor in the development of leukocytosis, and this state - very dangerous.In the smear leukocytes during pregnancy should be contained within the unit 10.

Calcium intake per day during pregnancy

Calcium intake per day during pregnancy requires 1200 mg of calcium in vitamin complexes usually contain 200-300 mg to 400 mg. To the kid is not "pulled" calcium from the bones expectant mother must consume milk, curd, cheese, green vegetables and canned fish with bones.
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If used during pregnancy constantly pressurizing or frequent swelling, it is required in the diet to reduce the amount of salt.Pregnant women who adhere to a vegetarian diet in the diet do not deprive future baby nutrients.

 Main necessarily eats every day foods with a high amount of vegetable protein, as the organism is able to synthesize therefrom important amino acids. A gynecologist will pick the right in this case, a complex of vitamins.

If used during pregnancy a woman wants to consume food that is usually not used in food (chalk, earth, egg shell, clay), it is better not to introduce it into your diet, to avoid poisoning, and to consult with your doctor about the introduction in nutrition during pregnancy extra vitamins.

Elevated levels of white blood cells in the blood and urine during pregnancy - Finally, long-awaited pregnancy! Is this not what you dreamed so long ago?
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Each time with a sinking heart waited for on test manifest second strip, and so it happened with the expectant mother.But pregnancy - is not only a delight in anticipation of the most important miracle in your life.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Products for pregnant vegetarians

Remember that in most cases, those who have demonstrated their longevity and commitment to plant foods in young and middle aged preferred mixed feeding. Only in adulthood rather inclined to plant foods.

Doctors recommend us to reduce the intake of meat products not earlier than after 30 years. Before you combine pregnancy and vegetarianism try to make sure that it will bring health to you and your child. You healthy pregnancy!Artilces Sources by Pregnancy Miracle Scam

Wonderful time of the birth and development of a new life and strive to overshadow some not very pleasant manifestations of the body. One of these negative factors is often accompanying pigmentation. Consider the causes of pigmentation, prevention and work on already manifested phenomenon.

Causes of pigmentation - "Mask of pregnancy", skin hyperpigmentation, melasma, Melasma (special name for spots during pregnancy) - is the name of all the brown spots on the face (above the upper lip, forehead, cheeks, chin), the abdomen, around the nipples, on the neck in the upper chest, rarely on the back.

Pregnancy is a period of major manifestations of pigmentation factor with hormonal changes (due to increase their production by the adrenal glands). Estrogen, progesterone, melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) is "culprits" pigmentation. Melasma usually occurs in the second trimester.

At this time, the most common appearance of stripes light brown on the tummy, sometimes referred to as the period of the emergence and early pregnancy.Other Info Available http://www.thepregnancymiraclereviewscam.com/

Vegetarianism during pregnancy

Vegetarianism during pregnancy - True vegetarian-expectant mothers are quite confident that their way of eating includes the maximum amount of nutrients due to the volume of consumption of fruits and vegetables. And the number of meals with vegetables and fruits is much higher than the common man menu. Breakfast, lunch can include up to 5 courses. To fill proteins strongly recommend vegetarians include beans and nuts. Moreover, these products preclude Incoming protein with cholesterol, vascular occlusion threatening.

 And what usually happens when eating meat. Iron can be replenished, according to vegetarians by eating spinach, raisins, peas, tofu, oats, wheat germ, broth prunes, beans, wheat bran, etc.
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Along with the products, rich in iron, vitamin C needs to be used, which increases the absorption intensity iron body. If you are worried about the lack of calcium, which make up dairy products, there also is a vegetarian output.

Include in the diet of sesame seeds, broccoli, tofu, cabbage and special juices with added calcium. With enough enriched products necessary nutrients, vegetarians argue that only needed an additional intake of vitamin B 12.

In the future, stick to their mother’s vegetarian diet during breastfeeding, and often cater to their kids. Moreover, there is a belief that breast milk during this diet does not contain most of the toxins. Vegetarian children feel convinced and are less prone to food allergies.