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Let pregnancy "works" for you

Wedding dress, wedding shoes should be comfortable for you. It might be better to abandon the corset and choose a dress with a high waist. High heel shoes can be worn only for a photo shoot, and then replace them with more comfortable shoes.More Info Available Here Pregnancy Miracle Scam
Wedding during pregnancy is not now generally prohibited, but rather encouraged. So the church can bless not only the family but also has a baby in her. Before you start organizing the entire wedding party is best to consult first your church.

Forget about complex pregnant bride. Pregnant bride - today is not just decoration wedding ordinary people, but the biggest stars of show business, cinema.

Let pregnancy "works" for you. Do you have a great reason to move away from the wedding events that you never liked or invite fewer guests, but nice to your heart? May even be reduced mural ceremony in the registry office.

Prepare yourself for a holiday destination where you could sit or even lie down.

If the celebration at the restaurant, you can remove it at the time and a separate room for a couple. If the wedding is out of town, on the nature, mix plaid folding chair and a basket of food, drink will be removed from time to time.My Official Pages Click http://www.thepregnancymiraclereviewscam.com/about-us/

 Holiday guests at the wedding - not for pregnant moms. Toastmasters, spouse or relative of an active can become the best substitute for even the most active and creative bride.

Pregnancy and narrow pelvis

Pregnancy and narrow pelvis - Complexity clinically narrow pelvis depends not only on the expectant mother, but also the size of the baby's head. The size may be influenced by several factors:
Author of Pregnancy Miracle Lisa Olsan

•    Nutrition expectant mother: food should be rational, not excessive; in the last month, you may want to reduce the amount of consumption of dairy products to reduce the level of calcium, bone hardening level - check with your doctor; overweight can also exacerbate the difference between the size of the pelvis and the head of the child;

•    Genetics;

•    Feature metabolism pregnant - Eat rationally, maintain adequate exercise; with severe metabolic additional follow your doctor's recommendations;

•    Stress during pregnancy - learn to relax, sign up for yoga for pregnant women; help dispel fears courses for pregnant women;
Pregnancy - more than 41 weeks - Also recommended is sure to work on the elasticity of the perineal muscles and their training. This will help Kegel exercises,
 regular sex during pregnancy. During pregnancy (often already at the first visit, the registration) determine the size of the pelvis using an instrument. This device looks like a large compass.
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With a measured and calculated proportions estimated size ring pelvic bone. Significant role in the diagnosis of "narrow pelvis" will have an ultrasound. By 7 month narrowing the pelvis can cause elevation of the uterus up and shortness of breath or bulging tummy out (spiky belly). This occurs when the child's inability to lower the head down to the bottom of the pelvis.

Lisa Olsen-Worth spending a light massage for pregnant woman

Support comfort position (sleep better on the left side; trying to keep his feet on the dais while lying and sitting, do not cross them, it is not recommended to stand or sit for a long time, in order to avoid the accumulation of fluid in the lower part of the body (you can use a circular motion feet to relieve tension better go));Check My Reviews About Pregnancy Miracle Review

 Worth spending a light massage (alone or with the help of someone, stroking movements can move from the bottom up on the legs from the knee to the thigh, from the tibia to the knee and you can use grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, soybean);

Use and easy exercises (walking quiet, small lifting legs up in a reclining position; slow charge for stop (pull sock on himself, then on my own, after describe circles in the air), good walking on the sand, beans, pebbles, etc. ; useful like the pool when not contraindicated);

Relax sufficiently (try to lie down at lunchtime or at the end of the day on the left side or back at 45 degrees, with raised legs);
Pick up comfortable shoes and clothing (do not wear tight shoes and high heels, narrow, constricting clothes obstructs blood flow, including socks, squeezing on their ankles should avoid wearing jewelry, preventing blood flow);Other Info Available http://www.thepregnancymiraclereviewscam.com/lisa-olsen/

It is better to avoid the adverse effects of external (not to leave the heat in the summer, especially in the afternoon).

Monday, 30 June 2014

The positive side of pregnancy-Lisa Olsen

Lies bend your legs, knees wider than your shoulders. Put your hands to the sides. Shoulders slump making breath. On the exhale, drop the knees to the floor, thus rotate the pelvis making breath again.

Raise your knees as you exhale. Perform 15 times.  Exercises constipation can be the first solution before using medical method of stimulation of the intestine. Their effectiveness has seen many. Prevention of constipation as these exercises suit no less.

The positive side of pregnancy - Despite various difficulties, pregnancy - is the perfect time. Proof of this is a set of positive, enjoyable aspects, even at 3am have the right to ask her husband to bring ice cream with strawberries. Many surrounding smiling, looking at pregnant belly.

 Husband can often cling to the tummy to hear the baby. You can attend courses for pregnant women who give not only a wealth of useful information, but also give the opportunity to meet new people (professionals and future colleagues, moms). At work, seeing a little tired, the boss can let go early.

Your breasts are getting bigger - it cannot please your man. There is an opportunity to experience the amazing sensations and perturbations of this strange baby hiccups.
You can come up with the name of the child, while having more rights to upholding their version (because we carry the child, women).Get Entertainment News http://www.thepregnancymiraclereviewscam.com/about-us/

Lisa Olsen-The whole period of pregnancy

Throughout the whole period of pregnancy, especially in the beginning, a woman often feels the need to drink fluids. Drinking any liquid to 6-8 glasses per day is considered normal, because the liquid needed by the body and the unborn child. Many Sources Here Pregnancy Miracle

Often pregnant women do not drink coffee, because it contains caffeine. But do not forget that caffeine is also in tea, and chocolate, and cocoa.

If caffeine cannot do, you should not exceed the dose. A cup of coffee contains around 100 mg of caffeine. Dose of 300 mg of caffeine is considered harmful to the body of a pregnant woman, as increases the risk of miscarriage or low weight gain in children, coffee itself increases the amount of urine and pregnancy and has frequent urination.

I want to pay special attention to the content in the expectant mothers iron and calcium. Every day in the mother's blood and blood unborn child increases the number of red blood cells, so the body needs iron every day and not less than 30 mg. When blood erythrocytes and produce little more than plasma hemoglobin decreases, which causes anemia pregnant. To replenish iron stores requires food in which it is contained.
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It's a bird, fish, red meat, cereals (especially if cooking them in a cast iron pot), or whole-grain bread. When consumed a lot of iron, it provokes the risk of constipation, so you need to increase physical activity, drink plenty of fluids, or tissue preparations, softening stools, but not laxatives.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pregnancy Miracle-Breathing exercises for pregnant woman

Full Breath - Before starting the exercise, take a full breath. Then slowly inhale, lifting the abdominal wall (tummy). Hold your breath at the end of inspiration, and exhale slowly through your mouth, first dropping the chest and then the ribs.

Full breath need to relax between contractions. This exercise may cause dizziness, therefore making it better lying down and no more than 3-4 times in a row.

How to use breathing exercises during labor - The first periodat the end of this period, the child's head, moving into the birth canal, begins to put pressure on the rectum, and my mother a desire to push. But the head has not yet finished its way to the exit, so you cannot do that yet.

As you approach a woman in labor contractions feel the growing tension of the uterus. At this time, to breathe deeply, making full breaths (full breath).

Real started (the expectant mother feels the pain and stress of the uterus). Now we must surface to breathe (respiratory rate should be half less usual).

 With the increased rate of breathing increases contractions: Breathe rhythmically and thrills, about two times more often than usual. Try to keep your mouth open and breathing force correlate with power struggles.
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When the battle reaches its height, take 4 breaths, and then exhale quietly (breathing delayed). With the end of the fight, take a full breath (stomach and chest), exhale slowly to the end, straining belly (full breath).Between contractions, you need to relax and breathe normally.