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Pregnancy and narrow pelvis

Pregnancy and narrow pelvis - Complexity clinically narrow pelvis depends not only on the expectant mother, but also the size of the baby's head. The size may be influenced by several factors:
Author of Pregnancy Miracle Lisa Olsan

•    Nutrition expectant mother: food should be rational, not excessive; in the last month, you may want to reduce the amount of consumption of dairy products to reduce the level of calcium, bone hardening level - check with your doctor; overweight can also exacerbate the difference between the size of the pelvis and the head of the child;

•    Genetics;

•    Feature metabolism pregnant - Eat rationally, maintain adequate exercise; with severe metabolic additional follow your doctor's recommendations;

•    Stress during pregnancy - learn to relax, sign up for yoga for pregnant women; help dispel fears courses for pregnant women;
Pregnancy - more than 41 weeks - Also recommended is sure to work on the elasticity of the perineal muscles and their training. This will help Kegel exercises,
 regular sex during pregnancy. During pregnancy (often already at the first visit, the registration) determine the size of the pelvis using an instrument. This device looks like a large compass.
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With a measured and calculated proportions estimated size ring pelvic bone. Significant role in the diagnosis of "narrow pelvis" will have an ultrasound. By 7 month narrowing the pelvis can cause elevation of the uterus up and shortness of breath or bulging tummy out (spiky belly). This occurs when the child's inability to lower the head down to the bottom of the pelvis.

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