Sunday, 29 June 2014

Pregnancy Miracle-Breathing exercises for pregnant woman

Full Breath - Before starting the exercise, take a full breath. Then slowly inhale, lifting the abdominal wall (tummy). Hold your breath at the end of inspiration, and exhale slowly through your mouth, first dropping the chest and then the ribs.

Full breath need to relax between contractions. This exercise may cause dizziness, therefore making it better lying down and no more than 3-4 times in a row.

How to use breathing exercises during labor - The first periodat the end of this period, the child's head, moving into the birth canal, begins to put pressure on the rectum, and my mother a desire to push. But the head has not yet finished its way to the exit, so you cannot do that yet.

As you approach a woman in labor contractions feel the growing tension of the uterus. At this time, to breathe deeply, making full breaths (full breath).

Real started (the expectant mother feels the pain and stress of the uterus). Now we must surface to breathe (respiratory rate should be half less usual).

 With the increased rate of breathing increases contractions: Breathe rhythmically and thrills, about two times more often than usual. Try to keep your mouth open and breathing force correlate with power struggles.
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When the battle reaches its height, take 4 breaths, and then exhale quietly (breathing delayed). With the end of the fight, take a full breath (stomach and chest), exhale slowly to the end, straining belly (full breath).Between contractions, you need to relax and breathe normally.

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